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The Judges:- Asha Kirkby, Kevin Adams
& Camilla Dallerup

The Hosts:- Sam Nixon & Mark Rhodes


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Skate Nation Intro

for the full episode please click here for the CBBC iPlayer

There are 14 teams taking part, each made up of three children (age
between seven and 13) and one adult. It isn't just about their skating abilities
, the teams must also be able to demonstrate that they work well as a team
. So they will need to encourage and support each other as they attempt to
master the jumps and spins!

The competition steps up a gear as teams vie for one of ten places at Skate
Camp where they will be tutored by top coaches and choreographers. This
is an invaluable chance to hone their skills and work on all aspects of their
performance, before the main competition begins.

For the teams that make it through camp, the Skate Stadium arena awaits.
This is what the skaters have all been working towards: they will need to
wow both the judges and the stadium's live audience. Each week the
skaters will have to learn and perfect a new routine to perform and, as the
weeks go on, the routines will get more and more challenging. The teams
must pull out all the stops if they want to win.

Judges Camilla Dallerup (Strictly Come Dancing reigning champion), Asha
Kirkby (professional skating instructor) and Kevin Adams (Fame Academy,
fitness instructor) will be looking for super-talented skaters with lots of

The series ends with a skating extravaganza as the finalists compete for the
Skate Nation title by showing off stunts and tricks which they've learnt over
the series. The competition will be fierce, as the grand prize is a trip to the
World Games in Taiwan to see the world's best skaters in the action.