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The Judges:- Asha Kirkby, Kevin Adams
& Camilla Dallerup

The Hosts:- Sam Nixon & Mark Rhodes


The Roller Rockets before theSkate Nation auditions

Hi, we’re the Roller Rockets – aka Kala (18), Nathaniel (I3), Katie (10)
and Ursula (9). You can currently see us on CBBC’s new flagship
children’s show “Skate Nation”, which goes out every Saturday
morning, 9 o’clock on BBC2.

If you haven’t seen the show yet, it’s a bit like “X-Factor” meets
“Dancing on Ice” - but with kids on roller skates. It’s an 11-week
show which charts the progress of teams made up of four skaters -
three children aged between eight and 14, and one adult (over 18) –
all specialising in various skating disciplines; be it speed, aggressive,
artistic, roller hockey…